New Single From Freddie Gibbs, “Alexys”

Freddie Gibbs blessing us with a new single off the upcoming album You Only Live 2wice, coming out March 31st. The biggest news coming from this one is that it’s co-produced by BadBadNotGood and KAYTRANADA. I really like that Freddie is continuing to work with KAYTRANADA and try out different experimental beats. BadBadNotGood is a dope hip-hop influenced jazz trio out of Canada, and KAYTRANADA is an electronic/hip-hop producer & DJ. “Alexys” isn’t a typical beat that Freddie raps over, but he still comes with that classic Freddie Gibbs flow. Check it out below, along with the first released single, “Crushed Glass”

P.S. The art work for this album is top notch don’t try to tell me any different.

Click here to listen to “Alexys”

Below is Freddie’s first single off the upcoming album, “Crushed Glass”.



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