Danny Brown Releases Video For “Ain’t It Funny”, Directed by Jonah Hill (Yes, That Jonah Hill)

Pretty wild from Danny Brown here, and the fact it was directed by Jonah Hill adds another bizarre wrinkle to it. The video itself operates on so many levels; glorifying drug abuse, the public’s obsession with celebrity self-destruction, all masked under a corny 90’s sitcom.

The main theme of the video, to me at least, is how an addicts destroying themselves is actually a cry for help, yet friends and family around them can tend to just ignore it. I’m sure many people, including myself, have people in their lives affected by drug abuse. The scene showing the Xanax bar and the subtitle saying “We’ll kill you and everyone you love” was an extremely honest and realistic move by Danny and Jonah.

As a long time fan of Danny’s, if this video is a legitimate personal cry for help, I wish him nothing but the best in his battle. If you’re not familiar with Danny Brown and want to hear more, check out his most recent album Atrocity Exhibit.


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