Today’s Tunes – Thursday, March 30th

Welcome to Today’s Tunes, a new feature I’m starting where I’ll be posting a collection of a couple songs that I’m really enjoying on that particular day. There’s no criteria for the songs, these can be any genre, old or new, doesn’t matter. Here are today’s tunes (links open in Spotify, Soundcloud/Youtube embedded for the lazy)

“Rockabye Baby” – Joey Bada$$ feat. Schoolboy Q

This song flat out BANGS. Simple as that. Piano on the beat is amazing, Schoolboy Q’s verse sounds like it could be a verse off Oxymoron.  Joey has a new album out April 7th, and he’s 3 for 3 so far in my opinion. Check out “Land of the Free” and “Victory”.

“One Eight Seven” – Senses Fail

Gotta love a little early high school post-hardcore throwback. Man, what a fucking loser I was. But hey, this song is still tight. They also just released an acoustic version of “Family Tradition”.

“Really Scared” – Lil Dicky feat. Azadeh

 Lil Dicky AKA The Independent Variable AKA The Human Bitcoin is known for his comedic/light-hearted songs, but I love shit like this where he opens up and gets a little more serious. Lyrics like “I don’t know how to feel, everything has gotten totally real.Everything I always wanted right in front of me with nobody near, so it’s weird that I’m overly scared” shows that he’s got fears & anxiety about life just like any of us. This song is along the same vibe of “Molly”, which has a depressing as FUCK video you can check out below.


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