Concert Review: New Found Glory – Irving Plaza, 4/1

*Editor’s Note: This is the first of hopefully many concert reviews. I’ll be hitting up shows around NYC and bringing my opinion of the performance to you guys here. Feel free to hit me up with any upcoming tour recommendations.

I had the pleasure this past Saturday to hit up the sold out New Found Glory show at Irving Plaza. For anyone not aware, this was the first of two nights in NFG’s “20 Years of Pop Punk Tour” where they played a combination of songs off of Sticks and Stones and Coming Home. For any kid like myself who grew up a Pop Punk fan in the early 2000’s, this show was a dream come true. The band sounded remarkably sharp and it was incredibly refreshing to see these guys bringing so much energy to the stage even after 20 goddamn years of performing. Unreal that these guys have been able to put out quality music and shows for two decades straight, while another certain pop punk band can’t seem to put their differences behind them and re-unite (not naming names but it rhymes with clink-182).

I got to the show in time to catch the very end of Trash Boat’s set. I’m all for giving the support acts some love, so if you’re down with some good old fashioned punk rock give a listen to “Strangers” and Eleven. After the set change, NFG came right out with a ferocious performance of “Understatement” to open the set, and followed up by powering straight through the next 4 songs in the set before talking to the crowd. For hardcore fans of New Found Glory, the set didn’t really offer any  natural “breaks” or opportunities to go grab another drink. Once these guys hit the stage they were absolutely locked in and had the crowd under a spell.  Speaking of the crowd, quick shout out to my fellow NYC Pop Punk fans who had Irving Plaza ROCKING from beginning to end.

Lighting and the sound quality were on point as the energy in the room ranged anywhere from the low end with “When I Die” to the more high energy hits like “Head On Collision” and Forget My Name”.

The show wrapped up with a heartfelt 3 song encore, starting with an acoustic performance of “Too Good To Be”, followed up by “Boulders”, and then closed out by fan favorite “My Friends Over You”.

Overall great performance by New Found Glory. Only criticism I would make is to change up the encore and substitute “Too Good To Be’ with a higher energy song like “Singled Out”. Tour dates can be found below, this show is definitely recommended for any NFG/Pop Punk fans.

Official GhostfaceKyle Concert Grade: 8.2/10

Tour Dates – Keep in mind, most cities they’re playing multiple nights. The albums they’re playing each night are shown on their website.

Set List:

  1. Understatement
  2. Hold My Hand
  3. Belated
  4. Connected
  5. Something I Call Personality
  6. Coming Home
  7. Oxygen
  8. The Great Houdini
  9. Love and Pain
  10. Never Give Up
  11. Make Your Move
  12. Sonny
  13. Taken Back by You
  14. Head On Collision
  15. It’s Not Your Fault
  16. Happy Being Miserable
  17. It’s Been a Summer
  18. Singled Out
  19. Forget My Name
  20. On My Mind
  21. When I Die
  22. Familiar Landscapes
  23. The Story So Far
  24. Too Good to Be
  25. Boulders
  26. My Friends Over You

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