Today’s Tunes – Tuesday, April 4th

Welcome to Today’s Tunes where I’ll be posting a collection of a couple songs that I’m really enjoying on that particular day. There’s no criteria for the songs, these can be any genre, old or new, doesn’t matter. Here are today’s tunes (links open in Spotify, Soundcloud/Youtube embedded for the lazy)

“Claudeland” – Highly Suspect

I’ve been a huge fan of Highly Suspect for the last year or so. They have really strong, heavy blues rock sound similar to bands like Kings of Leon and Band of Skulls. These guys have released two official albums over the last two years, and are poised for another big year in 2017. Also worth a look if you’re interested, “My Name Is Human” and “Little One”

“Overtime” – Wave Chappelle

Up and coming rapper out of Milwaukee and is signed to Yo Gotti’s label, Collective Music Group. Also has a track with Lil Uzi Vert but Wave Chappelle isn’t exactly another “mumble” rapper. This dude has some definite flow and it shows on tracks like this and “Let’s Win”.

“Lochloosa” – JJ Grey & Mofro

The best thing out of Florida since Jaguars lady, JJ Grey & Mofro can pump out some extremely soulful, Southern Blues-Rock that’s easy to get in to. The perfect song for a lazy summer night. Other recommendations from these guys are “Brighter Days” and “99 Shades of Crazy”.

“Hello” (cover) – Claudio Sanchez

Any Coheed & Cambria fans out there have probably come across this one. Awesome cover by Claudio here of “Hello”, really showing his range and that he’s not just capable of putting out the heavier sounding Coheed and Cambria stuff.


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