Today’s Tunes – Sunday, April 23rd

Welcome to Today’s Tunes where I’ll be posting a collection of a couple songs that I’m really enjoying on that particular day. There’s no criteria for the songs, these can be any genre, old or new, doesn’t matter. Here are today’s tunes:

“Find Me” – Kings of Leon

Probably my favorite track off of WALLS, and a pretty bizarre video to go along with it. I love the evolution Kings of Leon has showed over the course of their career, going from a Southern-Rock sound to more of a Alternative sound, which in my opinion led to their explosion of popularity in the U.K. I got the chance to see Kings of Leon live at MSG a few months back and these guys put on one hell of an arena show. If you haven’t gotten in to these guys before, check out “Crawl” and “Waste A Moment”.

“Consoler of the Lonely” – The Raconteurs

Death, taxes, and Jack White putting out fire music. I’ve been following Jack since The White Stripes days, and I truly believe he could be one of the most talented musicians living today. The Raconteurs were White’s first project after The White Stripes split, and they took on a more Blues-Rock sound as opposed to the harder Rock & Roll sound of The Raconteurs only released two albums before taking a hiatus, but if you’re a Blues-Rock fan my other recommendations are the high energy single ““Salute Your Salution” and “Level”.

“P’s & Q’s” – Mick Jenkins

Up and coming rapper out of Chicago, Mick Jenkins is the ultimate in spitting socially conscious lyrics over smooth as fuck jazz-influenced beats. He’s already worked alongside guys like Chance the Rapper and Joey Bada$$, and is poised for a big 2017 coming off his newest single “Last Train”. The tone of this dude’s voice provides the perfect juxtaposition against the jazzy beats he uses. I could go on and on with recommendations for Mick, but if you’re only going to listen to a few songs check out “The Waters”“Slumber”, and “Vibe”. He also uses a live band for his shows which I think is criminally underused by rappers today.


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