New Video From Stone Sour For “Song #3”

Official video for the first single off the upcoming album, Hydrograd, due out June 30th. Any hard rock fans should definitely check out Stone Sour if you haven’t already, got some solid, old-school heavy sound.

P.S. I HIGHLY recommend checking out the lead singer, Corey Taylor’s, episode of The Therapist which just aired on Viceland. He covers a bunch of topics ranging from deep ssues from his up-bringing, to the death of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray,  insane stuff.


Wiz Khalifa – “Stay Stoned” (Redbone Remix)

Wiz keeping up the trend of putting his own twist on popular songs by dropping his own version of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone”.  Not as good as Gambino’s original version but still a solid track. Wiz really has a knack for these types of songs going way back as far as 2011. Check out a few examples below.

Take A First Look At HBO’s Upcoming Dr. Dre Documentary

Check out the teaser below for HBO’s The Defiant Ones, a four-part documentary chronicling the  unlikely relationship between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.  The Defiant Ones airs July 9th-12th and is going to be appointment viewing for any hip-hop fans. We’re going to be getting an inside look at the relationship between the most successful producer ever and the second-most beloved white guy in hip-hop after Rick Rubin.

There are appearances from Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube, and whole lot more. Marking my calendar for this one.

Nick Grant DESTROYS LA Leakers Freestyle

Up and coming rapper Nick Grant made an appearance on the LA Leakers freestyle series and put on a goddamn show. This kid first started gaining attention back in January with the release of his debut album Return of the CoolIf you aren’t familiar with Grant, he’s got a similar vibe and flow to Vince Staples.

Grant shows off some incredible flow in the the freestyle below. If you’re looking for other tracks to check out, give a listen to “Luxury Vintage Rap”“Get Up”, and “Black Boy, White Boy”.

Third Eye Blind Drops Unreleased Song, “Alright Caroline”

Coming up on the 20th anniversary of the release of their self-titled album, Third Eye Blind shared a mastered version “Alright Caroline”. This song had been floating around the internet as a demo for a while, but this mastered version will be added to the re-issued version of the album. This song has a nice and mellow, almost rock-ballad, feel to it. Check it out below, and you can catch them on tour this Summer where they’ll be performing the self-titled album in it’s entirety.

Today’s Tunes: Wednesday, May 10th

Welcome to Today’s Tunes where I’ll be posting a collection of a couple songs that I’m listening to that particular day. There’s no criteria for the songs, these can be any genre, old or new, doesn’t matter. Here are today’s tunes:

“Sink Into Me” – Taking Back Sunday

One of my all-time favorite tracks out of Taking Back Sunday. Definitely doesn’t get as much love as the bigger hits from their dominant run in the mid-2000s (“MakeDamnSure”, “You’re So Last Summer”, etc). Really high-powered energy and Adam Lazzara shows off why he’s one of the best front-men in the business. P.S. They just released a cover of Green Day’s “She”, check it out here.

“Not Fucking Around” – Big D and the Kids Table

I was never a huge Ska fan, but this is one of the few songs from the genre I can jam out to. Just a good overall vibe and apparently has something to do with not cheating on your girlfriend, so yeah don’t do that…

“Rewind” – Nas

Absolutely unreal wordplay from Nas on this song. He literally tells raps a story kind of similar to Ice Cube on “Good Day”, except Nas does it BACKWARDS. I heard this song for the first time when I was high and I thought I was having a fucking stroke. Just some mind-blowing lines like “Bullets I had plenty to squeeze, plenty for ya. Cause Jungle said ‘block your on enemy’s the’. Songs like this one are why Nas is easily in my top 5 all-time.