Today’s Tunes: Wednesday, May 10th

Welcome to Today’s Tunes where I’ll be posting a collection of a couple songs that I’m listening to that particular day. There’s no criteria for the songs, these can be any genre, old or new, doesn’t matter. Here are today’s tunes:

“Sink Into Me” – Taking Back Sunday

One of my all-time favorite tracks out of Taking Back Sunday. Definitely doesn’t get as much love as the bigger hits from their dominant run in the mid-2000s (“MakeDamnSure”, “You’re So Last Summer”, etc). Really high-powered energy and Adam Lazzara shows off why he’s one of the best front-men in the business. P.S. They just released a cover of Green Day’s “She”, check it out here.

“Not Fucking Around” – Big D and the Kids Table

I was never a huge Ska fan, but this is one of the few songs from the genre I can jam out to. Just a good overall vibe and apparently has something to do with not cheating on your girlfriend, so yeah don’t do that…

“Rewind” – Nas

Absolutely unreal wordplay from Nas on this song. He literally tells raps a story kind of similar to Ice Cube on “Good Day”, except Nas does it BACKWARDS. I heard this song for the first time when I was high and I thought I was having a fucking stroke. Just some mind-blowing lines like “Bullets I had plenty to squeeze, plenty for ya. Cause Jungle said ‘block your on enemy’s the’. Songs like this one are why Nas is easily in my top 5 all-time.


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