J. Roddy Walston & The Business release new song, “The Wanting”

J. Roddy Walston & The Business return from a 4 year hiatus with the release of their new single “The Wanting”. This is a great sign for fans of the southern rockers as they return with their signature upbeat percussion and southern drawl of J. Roddy Walston on vocals.

Full album due out this Fall, hopefully bringing a similar sound to this track.


Wu-Tang Clan releases new song, “Don’t Stop”

I’m always cautious when hip-hop legends I grew up listening to release anything new, but I was relieved after giving this one a listen. Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, and RZA get together for “Don’t Stop”, a single off the season 3 soundtrack of Silicon Valley, and are able to successfully channel just the right amount of 90’s hip-hop nostalgia. They even have a few kung fu samples in there as well as some C.R.E.A.M references.

For what it’s worth, Method Man absolutely FLAMED this verse. Holy shit this man can still bring it. Just such incredible wordplay with lines like, “Hakuna Matata, no Mufasa, I’m not lyin”.

Hip Hop is not going anywhere.

4:44 Confirmed as Next Album From Jay Z

After a ton of speculation due to 4:44 subway posters popping up all around NYC, it’s been officially confirmed that this will be Jay Z’s next album. The album will be released, unsurprisingly exclusively via Tidal, on June 30th.

Trailer above teases a song off the new album called “Adnis”, which is a reference to Jay’s estranged Father. Contrary to most people I actually didn’t hate Magna Carta Holy Grail, but I’m hoping we get an improvement from that project with 4:44. 

P.S. If you sign up for a Tidal free 30 day subscription, don’t forget to cancel before you get billed.

Action Bronson Releases New Single, “Let Me Breathe”

The two-year wait for a new Action Bronson project is nearly over. Bronson just dropped the first single, “Let Me Breathe” off the long-awaited Blue Chips 7000 project. Harry Fraud leaves his fingerprints all over this one, leaving us with that signature fun, borderline ridiculous, Action Bronson sound.

Release date is next Friday, June 23rd. Bronson has not been shy about publicly sharing his displeasure with how long it’s taken to get this project out, so it’s awesome as a fan to see him finally getting Blue Chips 7000 out.


Nas & Jack White Perform “One Mic” for American Epic Sessions

AWESOME twist on one of my favorite Nas records. I truly believe Jack White is one of the most talented musicians of our generation, and that’s only reinforced when a hip-hop artists like Nas and Run The Jewels team up with him. Another cool little gem for this track, is that it legitimately was recorded on just the one mic you see in the video.

For anyone unfamiliar with American Epic, it’s a four-part mini series produced my Jack White. The series, airing on PBS, documents the explosion of blues/folk/country/gospel music across America starting in the 1920’s. Fascinating stuff for any fellow music nerds, and Jack White enlists some heavy hitters to make the soundtrack for the series. The soundtrack was recorded using strictly the same technology they used in the 1920’s, which explains the rough/stripped down sound to this version of “One Mic”.

Trailer for the American Epic series is below, and you can find out more at there official website here.

Pharrell Releases Video For “Yellow Light”

The ageless wonder, Mr. Pharrell Williams, gives us the official video for “Yellow Light”, the first single off the upcoming Despicable Me 3 soundtrack. This track is easily 100 times less annoying than “Happy”, and the song is just a plain fun time to listen to. Nothing too mind-blowing here, but a good dance track that’ll get you up and moving, can’t expect much more from a theme song to a kids movie.

P.S. That yellow jacket & pink Timbs combo is such piping hot fire flames, yet Pharrell is the only human on earth that can pull that off.

Tyga feat. Vince Staples – “Playboy”

Somewhat of an interesting pairing for the newest single off Tyga’s upcoming mixtape, Bitch I’m The Shit 2. While I’m not the biggest Tyga fan, he puts together a decent verse on this one and the beat by Crakwav definitely helps. Vince Staples bodies his verse once again, dude is quickly approaching top 5 in the game territory for me.

P.S. The artwork for this single is my favorite part of the song.