Nas & Jack White Perform “One Mic” for American Epic Sessions

AWESOME twist on one of my favorite Nas records. I truly believe Jack White is one of the most talented musicians of our generation, and that’s only reinforced when a hip-hop artists like Nas and Run The Jewels team up with him. Another cool little gem for this track, is that it legitimately was recorded on just the one mic you see in the video.

For anyone unfamiliar with American Epic, it’s a four-part mini series produced my Jack White. The series, airing on PBS, documents the explosion of blues/folk/country/gospel music across America starting in the 1920’s. Fascinating stuff for any fellow music nerds, and Jack White enlists some heavy hitters to make the soundtrack for the series. The soundtrack was recorded using strictly the same technology they used in the 1920’s, which explains the rough/stripped down sound to this version of “One Mic”.

Trailer for the American Epic series is below, and you can find out more at there official website here.


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