Today’s Tunes – Monday, August 7th

Pete Yorn – “Lost Weekend”

Perfect song for a rainy Monday, fresh off the Sunday scaries. Love this laid back tune from Pete Yorn. Pete rose to indie-rock prominence in 2001 with his debut LP, musicforthemorningafter. Somewhat similar sound to other indie solo artists like Ryan Adams or bands like Dispatch, Yorn has that sound to get you through the rainy day. Other songs to check out are ““On Your Side” and “Strange Condition”.

Name UL – “Falling”

Name UL is a rapper hailing from Australia and who has drawn some early comparisons to Drake with his blending of hip-hop and R&B. I personally think it’s a weak comparison, only because Name UL does not nearly as much singing as Drake does.  If you’re looking for an artist to get into before he gets huge, look no further. UL has opened for acts like Schoolboy Q and Vince Staples when they hit Australia. With a strong flow and production featuring lots of funk-influenced horns and flutes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this dude blow up in 12-18 months. Other recommendations are “My Side” and “Choice(s)”.

AZ – “Rather Unique”

I’ve always thought it was a shame AZ’s hasn’t panned out the way most people thought after Doe or Die was released. Showing off one of the most recognizable voices partially due to his appearance on Nas’ “Life’s a Bitch”, AZ lyrically one of the most underrated rappers. One could argue that the failure of The Firm took away some momentum from AZ’s career, and we can only speculate what could have been done differently. He’s still certainly no slouch and if you want to hear more heat from AZ, check out “Sugar Hill” and “The Format”.