New Tour Announcements From New Found Glory and Jack White

We got a nice start to the four day workweek with tour announcements from Jack White and New Found Glory (no, they are not touring together, sorry if the headline is misleading).

NFG’s tour, with support from Bayside, The Movielife, and William Ryan Key kicks off mid-May and covers cities all across the United States, concluding at the end of June. This is a stacked lineup for any pop-punk fans out there, and this is one of the best ticket values I’ve seen in a LONG time (3 great bands for $25-35 depending on your city). Absolutely no disrespect towards William Ryan Key, former lead singer for Yellowcard, I’m just reserving judgement on his solo act for now only because he hasn’t officially released any music yet.

You guys most likely are aware of NFG’s music, but in case anyone is unfamiliar with Bayside or The Movielife, I’ve included a couple tracks to get you introduced below. Bit of a more emo influence than NFG, but still that same catchy pop-punk. Full list of tour dates can be found here.

Looks like Jack White is looking to make a big splash in 2018. Four month international headlining tour, with a few festival dates sprinkled in, to support his new album, Boarding House Reach due out March 23rd. I’ve openly admitted that I think Jack White is the best musician of my lifetime, so this is one of my most anticipated albums/tour support in recent years. I know I’ll be catching him at Governor’s Ball here in NY, but he’s hitting just about every major market across North America and Europe. Full list of tour dates can be found here.


Music Discussion – 1/12

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Welcome back everyone to another music discussion thread. As always feel free to talk about anything music related in the comments. Unfortunately my post last week never actually got posted due to the huge influx of posts from KFC-gate, but I have it in my post history so you can check out last week’s thread here.

I’ve also been really trying to be consistent with my own blog as well, aiming for at least 5 blogs a week. I’m short of that right now but, fuck it. You can check the blog at GhostfaceKyle Music. I did a throwback blog and a “beginners guide” blog that I think you guys might like.


Carnage feat. Mac Miller & MadeinTYO – “Learn How To Watch”

-Mac on a trap beat! I’ve said this before, but Mac Miller’s career evolution has been fascinating to witness. Relatively short track with basically 2 choruses and a verse, but this is a nice track to blast on full volume tonight.

New album from Anderson East, Encore

-Similar sound to Sturgill Simpson, but with a heavier soul/blues/gospel influence. The dude grew up with his dad as a baptist preacher, so the organs in his songs make sense. FAR from typical mainstream pop-country, so give this one a shot. Highlights for me so far are “King For A Day”, “Sorry You’re Sick”, and “Girlfriend”.

Andrew W.K. – “Music Is Worth Living For”

-This dude is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma to me, but this song actually kind of bangs. It’s a blend of dance, pop, and even a little metal and this track has a rather cheerful feel to it. New album, You’re Not Alone is due out March 2nd.

Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar & Future – “King’s Dead”

-Two points, first I told you motherfuckers in last week’s post nobody saw that JAY ROCK COMING. I hate that Jay Rock often gets overlooked due to the star power on the TDE roster, but he has some bangers like “Hood Gone Love It”, and “Necessary”. Second point, FUTURE WHAT THE FUCK IS THE END OF THAT VERSE?! Yikes dude, please don’t do that again.

Car Seat Headrest – “Nervous Young Inhumans”

-Really good single for any indie rock fans out there. This one is actually a re-release off their 2011 album, Twin Fantasy but the whole album is being remade and “re-imagined” and set for release on February 16th.

Eminem – “Chloraseptic” remix

-Em claps back at the haters on this. His verse honestly isn’t that bad, he shows he still has the clever wordplay, but I’m not a huge fan of the insanely fast, rapid flow. 2 Chainz has about half of a nice verse.

Jack White – “Connected By Love”

-My lord and savior is back at last. I’ve long been a champion of Jack White and favoritism aside, I really love this song. Has a similar sound to the Blunderbuss album with the slow build and piano. That fucking “WOO!” and organ solo at 2:20 got me so fired up. No release date yet for the new album but you guys can bet your asses you’ll be hearing about it.

Kali Uchis feat. Tyler the Creator & Bootsy Collins – “After The Storm”

-Tyler on a jazzy R&B track is the verse I never knew I needed. This track honestly feels like an extension of Flowerboy, which I love. Kali Uchis has a top 5 sexiest voice in the game right now without a question.

Marshmello feat. Lil Peep – “Spotlight”

-I used to group Peep in with all the other shitty soundcloud “lil” rappers, but this track just shows more of what could’ve been. I feel like he was on the edge of a brand new genre of rapping/singing over non-traditional rock-esque beats. Marshmello really perfected the beat on this one and they go together nicely. RIP lil peep.

New album from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Wrong Creatures

-Been mentioning these guys a bunch with their single before this album so I won’t drag on them too much. But I’m digging this album and definitely recommend to any rock fans out there who like bands like Death From Above, The Kills, etc. Highlights so far are “Spook”, “Echo”, and “Question Of Faith”.

The Shins – “Heartworms”

-Really solid track here and I’m usually pretty hesitant to get in to any type of indie pop like this. I kind of got some LCD soundsystem vibes here. This song though is just flat out fun and makes you wanna dance. If you’re a fan of bands like modest mouse or broken bells you’ll dig this one.

The Hunna – “Flickin’ Your Hair”

-Really good rock band out of England that hasn’t quite made their big break in the states yet. Got to see them live a few months ago and have a ton of energy, just good old fashioned rock and roll. If you wanna hear more, check out “She’s Casual”“Never Enough”, and “You & Me”.

Raekwon – “It’s A Shame”

-The chef back in the kitchen! Strong verse right here. No news yet about a new project or anything so just enjoy this one.


-In light of recent events, I figured it’d be fitting to toss out my top 5 relationship break up/cheater songs. Let me know any other good ones in the comments. Tried to get a nice variety in there.

Four Year Strong – “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Hell”

Jack’s Mannequin – “The Resolution”

Blink-182 – “I Miss You”

Tracy Chapman – “Give Me One Reason”

Mayer Hawthorne – “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

Bonus song from the perspective of the roommate:

ZZ Ward – “Cryin’ Wolf”


-Firefly recently dropped their 2018 lineup and surprise, Eminem is headlining. I probably won’t be going since I’ll be hitting Gov Ball, but the lineup is pretty strong actually. Got a decent genre balance between hip hop/dance/rock. Can’t say the same for Coachella. Biggest story for me is probably the DJ set from Mike D. It’ll haunt me for the rest of my life that I never got to see Beastie Boys live so that’d be cool to see Mike D at least do a DJ set. You can peep the full lineup here.

Alright that’s all for me. Once again, feel free to add in any music related comments/shit you’ve been listening to/critique of my posts and blog/break up songs to dance on KFC’s grave.

Throwback Thursday – KMD

This week’s throwback Thursday is brought to you courtesy of the early 90’s hip hop trio, KMD, out of Long Beach, NY. KMD was made up of Onyx The Birthstone Kid, and brothers DJ Subroc, and Zev Love X, who is better known today as none other than MF DOOM.

KMD dropped their debut album in 1991, which included the smash hit, “Peach Fuzz” which you can check out below.

The trio was set to drop their follow up album, Black Bastards, in 1993 which should have sent them in to hip hop stardom. Unfortunately it basically signaled the beginning of the end for KMD, with an absolutely brutal sequence of events.

First, Onyx left the group while still recording the album. Then, a few weeks before Black Bastards was set to drop, DJ Subroc was killed while trying to cross the Nassau Expressway. That SAME WEEK Subroc was killed, Elektra records dropped KMD from the label. What kind of fucking record label drops an act the same week one of their members dies? That should’ve gotten them a month-long grace period easily.

With no label backing/distribution, Black Bastards was shelved indefinitely until it was eventually released formally in 1998. By that time, KMD was long gone as the last living active member, Zev Love X, had already been in and out of homelessness for a couple years.

Zev Love reemerged on the music scene in 1997 as MF DOOM, and the rest is history. Today, Black Bastards is looked at as a widely influential album in hip hop history. If you’re a fan of early 90’s hip hop, definitely check them out. Very similar style to artists like Main Source, Company Flow, and even A Tribe Called Quest.

Check out a few of my favorite KMD tracks below.


The Beginner’s Guide To: Anderson .Paak

Welcome to the inaugural “Beginner’s Guide” series. My aim for this series is to give people a little deeper look at an artist’s background and career, provide some of my favorite songs by the artist, and hopefully turn some people on to music they haven’t heard previously.

Image result for anderson paak

Anderson .Paak

Brandon Paak Anderson, better known as Anderson .Paak, is a 31 year old rapper/singer/songwriter/drummer/producer hailing from Oxnard, California. He’s best known for his unique sound which blends different elements of hip-hop, funk, R&B, soul, and jazz.

.Paak first started gaining popularity in 2014 with his debut album, Venice, by showing an incredible level of range. The album shows Anderson showing off a traditional hip-hop flow on songs like “Milk N’ Honey” and “Already”, to a more singing/R&B style on songs like “Miss Right” and “The City”, and then to a more funk/soulful sound on “Right There”.

Anderson .Paak exploded further in popularity with his 2016 release of the album, Malibu. He bought a bit more star power on this one, with features including Schoolboy Q, The Game, and Talib Kweli. When this dropped in 2016, you couldn’t go to any hip-hop outlet on the internet without seeing this project getting praised, and rightfully so. This album has so many incredible tracks that I still regularly play in rotation today. I HIGHLY suggest anyone who hasn’t done son, to listen to all of Malibu straight through, but for the impatient assholes out there, check out “Am I Wrong” feat. Schoolboy Q, “Parking Lot”, “Room In Here” feat. The Game“The Dreamer” feat. Talib Kweli, and of course I can’t forget the song that’s the lead-in/out song for basically every live sporting event or sports radio show, “Come Down”.

Fast 5 Facts:

  1. The “.” before .Paak represents detail/attention to detail.
  2. Worked on a weed farm for a short time prior to becoming a professional musician,
  3. Used to be the drummer for American Idol contestand, Haley Reinhart
  4. Currently signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath records.
  5. Released an EP in 2013 titled Cover Art (linked below) which covers songs written only by white songwriters. He chose songs written by white songwriters as a bit of a satirical ode to the 1950’s when white artists would remake songs by black artists without proper compensation.


Bruno Mars & Cardi B Take It Back To The 90’s With Video For “Finesse” Remix

This might be slightly premature, but this has to be a top music video of 2018. The video is a fun tribute to the 90’s, mainly giving a nod to the In Living Color intro. From the wardrobes, to choreography, to camera work, this video hits on all the 90’s entertainment stereotypes without trying too hard.

As of this writing, the video has been out for a little less than 24 hours and has 7.5 million views. Those are MONSTER numbers that are going to catapult Cardi even further in to the mainstream. In my 2018 predictions blog I predicted Cardi would have a mediocre debut album, but day after day I feel myself regretting those words. Every video/single she’s released has popped, and this video just further solidifies her star power.

I’m confident in saying that the queen of the Bronx is officially here to stay, and is not a flash in the pan. Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

Initial Reaction To Coachella And Governor’s Ball Lineups

The big music news over the last 24 hours was Goldenvoice releasing the 2018 Coachella lineup. Not to be outdone, Founders Entertainment decided to steal the spotlight this morning by dropping the 2018 Governor’s Ball lineup. I’ll have a very detailed festival breakdown later in the year once all lineups are finalized, but for now here’s my initial reaction to both lineups.

Governor’s Ball:

Seeing Jack White listed as one of the headliners brings me so much goddamn happiness. The guy is one of my all-time favorite musicians and he puts on a damn good show (including telling fans to put their phones away and enjoy the show). Eminem seems like an obvious choice given the new album,  Travis Scott will be a big draw for the younger fans, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs seem like a great choice to bring out the older NYC rock crowd. Overall, assuming Eminem plays at least some pre-Encore material, Gov Ball has a very solid headliner group with genre variety which is crucial.

While the headliners are solid, the folks at Founders Entertainment absolutely knocked it out of the park with the lower tier artists. There’s legitimately an act for any type of fan. New artists, old artists, hip-hop, rock, R&B, dance, country etc. At first glance, here are the artists I’d buy a ticket to their own headlining tour; The Gaslight Anthem (touring for the first time in over 2 years), Margo Price, Vic Mensa, Third Eye Blind, Brockhampton, The Menzingers,Jay Electronica, Belly, and The Struts. That’s one hell of a lower tier, no matter what day(s) you go you’re sure to see some incredible live acts.


First thoughts upon seeing this lineup is that Goldenvoice really swung for the fences with the headliners, but I found it a little strange they went with 3 hip-hip/R&B acts. Not necessarily a big deal, but I would’ve guessed they’d have a band like Coldplay or The Killers to headline one day. Aside from the main headliners, the secondary tier offers up some really nice variety. Any time you can see Kygo and Vince Staples, or HAIM and Tyler, or A Perfect Circle and Cardi B, you’re in for a good time.

Now for the bad news, I’m INCREDIBLY disappointed in the lower tier acts. It feels like they just threw a bunch of names at the wall and hoped some stuck. Don’t get me wrong, they’re are some amazing artists lower on the bill (Greta Van Fleet, Brockhampton, Highly Suspect, Flatbush Zombies, Kamaiyah, Nothing But Thieves), however for the sheer volume of artists on the bill it just feels like the lineup falls off pretty dramatically.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, if I’m choosing the lineup I personally like best, I’m giving the nod to Governor’s Ball (east coast bias aside, I swear). It comes down to a matter of quality vs. quantity, I’d rather see 4-5 acts that I love, as opposed to shuffling around to 9 or 10 different acts where I don’t really know what I’m getting.

New music from A Perfect Circle, Flying Lotus, and Rich Chigga AKA Brian

Who says you have to wait until Friday for new music? A Perfect Circle fans woke up to the new track, “Disillusioned”, after getting a somewhat cryptic heads up from Maynard James Keenan on Twitter. Although there is no confirmed release date, APC is set to release a new album at some point in 2018. “Disillusioned” has a much more somber and bleak tone compared to October’s single “The Doomed”. With lyrics like “Time to put the silicon obsession down/ Take a look around, find a way in the silence”, it looks like Keenan is bringing some type of cultural commentary to us in 2018, listen below.

We also got a new track from west-coast experimental producer, Flying Lotus, in the newest Brainfeeder 2017 mix. The song, titled “Quarantine”, gets sneaked in right at the end of the mix (around 40:55) and features FlyLo’s signature psychedlic/hip hop/electronic fusion sound.

Boss moves only from Jakarta’s finest. Our boy Rich Chigga has now decided his new stage name will be his birth name, Brian. Jokes aside, this shouldn’t come us a huge surprise as he’s already publicly mentioned how much he dislikes the name Rich Chigga and thinks it’s super corny. As for the song itself, I love it. Brian continues to amaze me with how legitimately talented he is once you get past his comedic brand (a la Lil Dicky). The snare drum and vocal effects combine to make it sound like this could’ve been on a project like Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

Full album from Brian, titled Amen, dropping February 2nd. Check out “See Me” below.



Three Music Predictions For 2018

With 2017 coming to a close, I figured this would be a good time to toss out a few industry predictions for the new year. 2017 brought us a ton of great new music, live shows, and even more drama. Here’s what I predict is coming in 2018, let me hear your predictions in the comments.

Prediction #1: Mainstream rapper(s) team up with hard rock/metal bands

It’s no secret that guys like Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert have been influenced by Rock music, and their shows have a hardcore rock show atmosphere with moshing and people jumping off balconies. I think in 2018 someone like an Uzi, Travis Scott, Migos, etc. end up releasing some type of crossover/mashup track with a well-known hardcore band. I could see a band capable of making a catchy hardcore song pulling this off (Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Gojira). A bunch of rappers are already using the hardcore aesthetic for their style, only a matter of time before the music follows suit.

Prediction #2: Cardi B releases a mediocre album, still hits the Billboard top 10

At this point everyone know’s Cardi B is capable of making a hit #1 single, but she still has yet to prove herself capable of making a strong full length album. She herself has admitted she feels the pressure to make a great album. To be perfectly honest I just don’t see her having the chops just yet to drop a good album. Either way, I think fans will eat it up so it’ll do well commercially.

Prediction #3: Legendary band/group reunite for a new album and/or tour

With the number of artist deaths we witnessed in 2017, I have a strong feeling a group that split up due to “creative differences” is willing to put the bullshit aside and start making music or tour again. There are already rumblings of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reuniting because they hate trump more than they hate each other. It’d be incredible to see those four back together. Some other interesting reunions would be Outkast, Beastie Boys with some type of tribute to MCA (similar to what Tribe did with Thank You 4 Your Service), and my dark horse pick would be Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham on drums.

If you guys have any of your own predictions for 2018, or want to tell me how right/wrong I am, feel free to let me know if the comments.

Is It Time To Take Jaden Smith Seriously?

For anyone who missed it, Jaden Smith released his second album, SYRE, this past Friday and thanks to some top-notch production, it’s causing many hip-hop fans to re-think their previous thoughts on Jaden as an artist.

Most people, myself included, have laughed him off for a long time as the Will Smith’s son with a penchant for shooting off nonsensical tweets. But if you give SYRE a full listen with an open mind, you can’t deny this is making a serious case for a top 10 Hip-Hop album of 2017. If you threw this album on without knowing it’s Jaden Smith, you’d think this is the debut project of a newcomer on the scene with a bright future.

The first 4 tracks, “B” “L” “U” “E” blend together incredibly nicely and are definitely meant to be listened to in order. “Breakfast” teases a feature from A$AP Rocky, but unfortunately it’s basically a glorified interlude with Rocky talking through a chopped and screwed filter. The only other feature on the album, “Falcon” with Raury, shows off some nice singing (VERY Drake-esque). Tracks #11-13 is probably my favorite stretch of songs on the album.  “Icon” is a certified banger with a fun video to go along with it, “Watch Me” is a great rock-influenced track, and it’s closed out with a smooth Jazz beat on “Fallen”.

The lyrics on SYRE range anywhere from throught-provoking to downright corny, but the album as a whole is carried largely by some downright incredible production, and Jaden manages to flow nicely. You can tell there are quite a few modern influences on this album; Kanye, Kid Cudi, Drake, and Tyler the Creator are a few that initially came to mind during my first listen.

This could be the start of a new era in Jaden Smith’s young career, and I’m certainly interested to see where he goes from here. Hopefully it doesn’t take another 3 years to get a project out of him.

You can stream SYRE below.