Flatbush Zombies Go 2 for 2 On Singles With “U&I”

GOOD LORD am I excited for April 6th. Erick the Architect absolutely killed the production & sampling on this one, and is a little reminiscent of Late Registration era Kanye production.

All 3 members lay down impressively introspective verses, but the standout for me is Meechy’s verse starting at 2:20. Meechy flows effortlessly for over two minutes, showing off wordplay that can go up against any rapper in 2018.

I think it’s important to quickly point out the raw and honest lyrics on this track too, which is quite the change from their typical lyrics. This song is packed with lines of all 3 guys basically letting each other know how much they care about one another which is awesome to see. Would love to see more lines like “But these my brothers, they ain’t got real brothers to know the difference. And Erick if I could, I’d give your mama my kidney ‘Cause she’s my momma too.” and another one, ‘Cause these my brothers, love ’em to death. Written in stone, so when I’m gone, they huggin’ our breath.”

Check out the single and track listing below, Vacation In Hell due out April 6th.


Kanye West Reportedly Back To Working On New Music In Wyoming

For those who might not recall, back in May 2017 Kanye was reported to be working on new music at a secluded Wyoming residence. Rumors have largely died down since then, but as of a few days ago talks of new Kanye tunes have heated up again. Thanks to the Twitter thread below by TeamKanyeDaily, it certainly looks like Kanye is back in the lab. By the looks of it, we could be getting features from Nas, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and more.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. And where there’s fire, there’s Kanye making music (that one’s free, next one will cost ya). Obviously this is still all speculation and nothing has been confirmed, but we just passed the two year anniversary of The Life Of Pablo‘s release so it’s likely Kanye is gearing up for another album cycle.

In Yeezus’ name we pray, amen.

Khalid Covers Tracy Chapman, Anderson .Paak Drops New Song, and More You Missed This Week

Before you dive head first in to all the new releases slated for 3/8, take some time to catch up on a couple releases you might’ve missed from earlier in the week.

Khalid Covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”

Friendly reminder this guy is only 20 years old. Khalid swung by the BBC Live Lounge to drop a beautiful cover of “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. The dude’s voice perfectly captures the emotion of the song.

New Single, “Black”, by Buddy feat. A$AP Ferg

The Compton native brings us a booming new track with a feature from A$AP Ferg. Buddy has been bubbling in the hip hop scene after a string of solid singles and EPs in 2017. He’s received endorsements from guys like Wiz, Kendrick, and Pharrell, so be on the lookout for Buddy to be a possible 2018 breakout candidate.

Anderson .Paak Releases New Song, “‘Til It’s Over”, Via Apple Commercial

Pretty cool strategy for the release of this track. With artists everywhere trying to come up with creative ways to drop a new release, .Paak teamed up with Spike Jonze and FKA Twigs to release the new track through a commercial for Apple’s HomePod. By all indications it looks like Anderson is continuing his evolution with new sounds as he makes nice use of a synth and multiple tempo changes. I’m predicting a BIG year from Anderson .Paak after he confirmed a new album with the Free Nationals coming in 2018.

Flatbush Zombies Release Video With New Single, “Headstone”

Flatbush Zombies are back in a big way with their first single off the upcoming album, Vacation In Hell. “Headstone” is jam packed with references to 90s and early 2000s hip-hop which shouldn’t be hard to catch for even the most casual fans.

This single just ramped up the hype for the new album in my opinion. Erick the Architect’s production is top notch and shows how versatile he truly is. On top of Erick’s beat, all 3 members lay down great verses with beautiful word play and plenty of the above mentioned hip hop references. Shit, Juice’s entire verse was practically strung together album titles.

Overall I’m very impressed with this first single, and the new album will be one of my most anticipated releases of 2018. Check out the video below, Vacation In Hell due out April 6th.


Tour Season Heats Up With Announcements from Radiohead, Taking Back Sunday, Courtney Barnett & More

Looks like the MLB could learn a thing or two from the music industry’s version of the Winter hot stove. Seems like every other day there’s a huge tour or festival announcement, and today we got three big ones dropped on us. Whether you’re chasing a nostalgic big stage performance, or a more intimate folk-pop show, there’s a show for everyone to enjoy this Spring/Summer.

(In an attempt to get everyone in the zone for each artist, give a listen to their playlist while you read their section…or not)


In addition to their current South American festival schedule, Radiohead announced a North American headlining tour spanning all of July. The tour will hit arenas in most major markets, with most cities hosting multiple dates. Radiohead is known for putting on a stunning visual performance, so this tour comes highly recommended if you’re a fan. Tickets go on-sale either 2/23 or 2/24 for all markets, full list of show dates here.

Taking Back Sunday / Coheed & Cambria

(Bonus opener playlist)

Two of New York’s biggest rock bands of the 2000’s are hitting the road on a co-headlining tour this Summer, spanning 28 American cities over 5 weeks. Neither band has released new music recently, so it’d be nice to see either of them drop something in support of the tour. Either way this show will be a hell of a time, and you can’t get much better value with tickets floating around $50 or so. Awesome bonus with having The Story So Far open up for the tour as well, criminally underrated pop punk band will definitely be gaining some fans this summer. Check out the tour dates here.

Courtney Barnett

Indie singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett has added both UK and US show dates to her previously announced tour in support of her upcoming album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, due out May 18th. The Aussie has quite a spring/summer touring season coming up. She’s got a brief U.S. run starting late April, followed by a string of European dates, and finishing up with a run in the states ending July 28th. Click here to check out her most recent single, “Nameless, Faceless”. Full list of tour dates available here.


That band that you didn’t really like, but pretended to like because everyone else claimed to love them, is going out on a headlining American tour. They just released a new single, “Just Like Paradise”, and currently have a new album in the works but no official release date. This has all the makings of a great summer show. Even if you aren’t an O.A.R. fan, this is still a great show to get the high school/college buddies back together, enjoy a few cold beers, and just let loose and have a good time. Take a look at the full list of tour dates here.


Big Daddy Kane Crushes His NPR Tiny Desk Concert

(Link here because NPR’s video player stinks)

49 Years old and still killing the game! Big Daddy Kane stopped by the NPR office to drop a fun 3 song set for the Tiny Desk Concert series. From the crowd work, to spotlighting the band members, to the comedic banter between songs, Kane is just an all around phenomenal performer.

You can tell Big Daddy Kane is the type of person who naturally commands attention when he walks in a room, and I’d love to see what he does with a full stage set up and not a 10’x10′ desk space.

P.S. If you aren’t familiar with the Tiny Desk Concert series, I highly recommend checking out some of the videos. They have artists from all different genres come in and perform a stripped down/acoustic, typically 3-4 song set in a small office setting. Check out a couple of my other favorites below.






Diplo And DRAM Team Up For New Song, “Look Back”

Who the hell knew DRAM could sing like that? Holy shit, he goes from a forced crooning on choruses for songs like “Broccoli” and “Cash Machine”, to a legitimate singing voice on this one. His voice sounds smooth, most likely thanks to Diplo’s production, but that falsetto is no joke.

Diplo has a well-known history of working with rappers so this collab isn’t all that surprising, but I love what Diplo did with the production on this. The slow tempo with guitar gave off a little bit of an R&B/blues vibe, excited to see where DRAM goes next.

The Wonder Years Announce North American Headlining Tour

Wonder Years

The Wonder Years recently dropped a new single, “Sister Cities”, which is off the upcoming new album of the same name. The band has officially announced they’ll be going on tour this Spring in support of the new album.

The Wonder Years will be accompanied by fellow pop punk acts, Tigers Jaw, Tiny Moving Parts, and Worriers. I’ve seen The Wonder Years live a handful of times already, and they put on a hell of a show. The frontman, Dan Campbell, brings a new level of energy to the stage.

Their debut album, Get Stoked On It, is for sure a top 5 pop punk album for me personally so I’ll definitely be hitting up this tour when they hit Playstation Theater in NYC. Full list of tour dates can be found here, and you can take a listen to the new single below. Full album due out April 6th.

New Music From Run The Jewels, Wale, Joey Bada$$ & More

Got a nice little mid-week new music dump for you guys, fuck waiting until Friday. First up we got a track off BOOTS’ new EP, #DarkDayz, which features Run The Jewels and Cristin Milioti. Fun fact, Cristin plays Lieutenant Cole in last season’s Black Mirror episode, “U.S.S. Callister”.

Nyck Caution – “Fortnite”

I’ve admittedly been out of the video game scene for a little while, but everywhere I turn I see Fortnite being mentioned. It was only a matter of time before someone made a track about it, and I think Nyck Caution laid down an awesome verse. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this song was an intense reflection of a super serious moment. If you play the game, I’m sure you’ll understand the references way better than I can.

Wale – “All Star Break Up”

Clever release timing from Wale here with all star weekend coming up. Wale is heavy with sports references so this one isn’t much of a surprise. Nice and relaxing tune to chill out to.

Nipsey Hussle – “Dedication” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

I’ve been disappointed the last few Nipsey albums, but Victory Lap is slowly but surely gaining my curiosity. “Last Time I Checc’d” is a strong track with YG, and Kendrick brings this track to another level. Nipsey holds his own on both tracks, so I’m patiently optimistic about what he has in store. Victory Lap out this Friday.

Joey Bada$$ & Chuck Strangers – “80 Blocks”

Another Pro Era member, Joey keeps blessing up with singles just about every week. This one has a slowed down tempo produced by Chuck Strangers and shows some excellent wordplay from Joey.

Q-Tip Premieres Unreleased Collaboration With Kendrick Lamar On Abstract Radio

The best song of 2018 (so far) is an unreleased radio rip, wild times we’re living in. This track sounds exactly what I’d imagine an ATCQ and Kendrick collab would sound like. That drum has such a strong old-school/early 90’s vibe to it that I’m sure all the old heads will enjoy.

After the first couple of listens, this track gave me a feeling that it could’ve been a b-side off of Section.80 or GKMC, which makes sense because Kendrick and Q-Tip were rumored to have been in the studio together around 2011/2012.

Nothing as been announced as far as an official release or if we’ll be getting a full project together between these two, so for now just enjoy the radio rip above.